What We Do

Customised Advice – Financial Peace of Mind

Just as no two clients’ circumstances are the same, no two wealth management strategies are the same. Before any recommendations are made, Peter and James gain a thorough understanding of the key outcomes a client seeks, their concerns, goals and objectives, structures and current financial situation.

For some clients the strategy is purely investment focused. They may be seeking to increase returns, reduce risk or achieve an appropriate after-tax return to fund their life style.

For other clients the strategy is more comprehensive, with consideration given to other factors that may impact their wealth longer term, such as:

  • tax effective structuring,
  • retirement planning,
  • optimising the use of superannuation and family trusts,
  • establishing an SMSF,
  • asset protection,
  • estate planning,
  • small business CGT concessions,
  • change of tax residency (expatriate returning),
  • offshore holdings,
  • concentrated stock positions,
  • executive stock option plans and
  • philanthropic strategies.


Park Street Group fully aligns its interests with those of its clients. To that end, Park Street Group:

  • is independently owned and operated,
  • only receives remuneration from clients, according to an agreed transparent fee structure,
  • is not remunerated in any way that biases its advice towards a particular strategy, asset class, product or investment, and;
  • does not accept product or trail commissions of any type.